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Edu-R March 28, 2012 10:20

Problem with sliding mesh
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Dear all,

I'm trying to simulate a wind turbine with the "Sliding Mesh" method. I have divided the fluid in three zones: front, central (which rotates and where the blade is located) and rear. I also set two interfaces between the different zones and the periodicity conditions on both sides in order to simulate only one blade and not the whole propeller.

I attached some photos to show you the problem I have. It can be seen that it works perfectly from the first step until the step 47. At step 48, and I don't know why, the central zone changes the rotating axis (the initial one is the X axis), and it crashes with the rear zone. Something similar occurs at step 82: it changes the rotating axis to a different one at step 83.

żAny idea about why this problem appears or how to solve it?

Thanks in advance!


Edu-R March 28, 2012 20:05

Any idea??

Edu-R March 29, 2012 08:14

I have removed and done again the mesh, set Fluent conditions and launched the preview of the mesh motion, and the problem doesn't change :confused:

What can I do?

rezacfd1361 March 29, 2012 11:46

trackindg water surface in wave tank
what s the meaning of selecting sum in "define surface monitor" for "Phrases" , "volume fraction" . I have a 2 phase domain, primary phase is air and secondary phase is water. I am going to track surface changes for water, in internet i read that I have to select sum when i intoduce monitors/surface/surface monitors/define surface monitor.
my case is a Neumerical Wave Tank.
please help me.

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