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mighelone March 29, 2012 04:52

DPM for char combustion
Dear all,

I am developing an UDF for char combustion using DEFINE_DPM_LAW macro.
The macro calculates correctly the new mass, temperature and rates of oxidation, gasification and boudouard reactions.

However, I have some troubles to define the heat source term from DEFINE_DPM_SOURCE.

Using this macro, it is possible to define additional DPM source terms.
Fluent defines something by its own after execution of DEFINE_DPM_SOURCE macro.

Unfortunately it is not clear what Fluent defines after this macro and what it is necessary to define through the UDF.

Does someone have experience using DEFINE_DPM_SOURCE?

Thank you in advance for the help


malcolmcheong November 4, 2013 12:12

Dear Michele,

have you solve this problem yet? I have accounted the same problem. How do you deal with the heat source term? Could you give me any advice?


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