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harshit April 1, 2012 14:20

unable to upload mesh file in ansys-fluent
I have an I-5 processor,8-GB ram with graphics card. but still i am not able to use my mesh file in fluent since it is very large and complex, i guess. it's size is 3.46GB. i had to make a complex mesh to reduce it's skewness.
please provide few tips..

Far April 1, 2012 14:29

No of nodes?

harshit April 1, 2012 15:20

actually i have designed 10 corragated plates of a heat exchanger, the fluid body and gasket. And it has become very hard to open that file for me because it takes 95% of my ram. I can tell u that it's size is around 3.69GB.
plz give some tips if possible

LuckyTran April 2, 2012 21:27

If you cannot increase your ram, then your only choice is to decrease your node/cell count with a coarser mesh. What is your current number of cells? If your mesh file is 3.69 GB, I doubt you have the computational power with an I5 to finish the problem in any practical amount of time. 3.69 GB must be about 20+ million cells.

Are you running 32 bit Windows by any chance? And yes, I know from personal experience that you can buy a 8GB laptop/desktop with 32bit OS installed, and never be able to utilize >4GB RAM unless you upgrade to 64bit OS.
32 bit OS might cap the ram at around 4GB and not allow you to access the full 8GB ram. For example, Windows 7 32 bit will only support (I think 4GB max but it could be less, as low as 3.5GB). If you have a video card, your effective RAM is decreased by however much memory your video card supports. For example, 1GB video card will take up 1GB of ram in your system's address space, allowing you to only have 3GB RAM available for other tasks.

Regardless, you simply cannot open a mesh file of that size, even with 8GB of RAM. You will need more like 30GB.

harshit April 3, 2012 04:16

m using 64bit OS.
can anyone tell me about parallel processing between two laptops in fluent.

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