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MarcusW April 4, 2012 14:00

Surface Reaction Rate, surface concentration.

I'm using DEFINE_SR_RATE to control the rate of deposition of a species onto a surface. Basically:

*rr = C_UDMI(c, t, SS) * k_rs * 1056 * yi[0] / mw[0];

where C_UDMI(c, t, SS) is the fraction of surface available.

What exactly is passed to the function for yi[0] ??

The manual says: "Pointer to array of mass fractions of gas species at the surface and the coverage of site species (or site fractions)" but I don't think it is the mass fraction since F_YI(f, fthread, 0) and C_YI(c, t, 0) both return the mass fraction but yi[0] returns a number greater than those.

Here species[0] is the species which gets deposited and species[1] (recorded elsewhere) is the deposited species.

The reaction is simply: species[0] -> species[1].


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