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svp April 6, 2012 11:14

Parameters for Dyanmic Meshing in FLUENT
Hello All:

I am trying to use dynamic mesh schemes in ANSYS FLUENT 13.0 for one of my simulations and have a few questions with regards to that:

1. If I choose only layering in "Mesh Methods" for the dynamic mesh options, will I still be able to define some of my boundaries as deforming by using the "Deforming" Type?

2. What is the significance of "Cell Height" for an "Adjacent Zone" in the case of boundaries defined as "Rigid Body" motion? How does using a zero (as suggested by the FLUENT tutorial) as opposed to the mesh size have an impact on the solution? And, what is the criterion based on which this number should be defined? Does the same apply to "Stationary" type zones?

I would appreciate your response and please let me know if additional detail is required.

Thank you.

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