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smsc59 April 9, 2012 16:51

2D model vertical plates with constant heat flux

I'd like to ask for help on how to make a correct model of 2 thin vertical plates (0.15cm x 7cm x 60cm) in a large water pool (6m x 9m x 7m).

I am confused on how best to represent this in 2D. Should the plate in 2D be (0.15cm x 60cm) or (7cm x 60cm) ? The heat flux, q" (W/m^2) should be stronger on the larger surface but since I want to see the flow & temperature profiles between the plates, how should I choose?

I am using Gambit to mesh and Fluent for CFD simulation.


DaddySpeleo April 9, 2012 19:25

1. If you have 2D problem - so - you consider all derives in 3rd directions are equal to zero. So - you shoud decide it.
2. Your wrote about two plates. And what avout their position? Can you give a picture?

smsc59 April 9, 2012 21:22

Re: 2D model vertical plates with constant heat flux
2 Attachment(s)
Let me re-phrase my question about the problem setup.

In Fluent, I chose the wall condition for the plates to be constant heat flux, q" . In this case, does the plate area (in 2D) refer to the thin-face or the broad-face of the plate?

Can either one be chosen but then adjust the 'Reference values' in Fluent under 'Area' and 'Depth' ?

What area does the q" refer to? Or in 3D what volume does the q''' refer to?

I've attached 2 pictures for this problem.

Appreciate any comments and help. Thanks

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