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alenp07 April 13, 2012 05:53

Multi-phase flow in centrifugal oil separator
Im doing a steady state multi-phase flow simulation for an oil separator used in automobile cooling system which is of centrifugal type.
The primary phase is CO2 and the secondary phase is PAG (Poly Alkaline Glycol-density 1030kg/m3 nd viscosity 49.6 Pa.s)

The inlet droplet diameter is 10 micro meter
Inlet volume fraction of liquid is 0.007

I used Mixture model, with mixture inlet as velocity inlet and oil and gas separated outlet as pressure outlet

Turbulence model adopted is RNGKE...

My problem is the inlet mass flow rate is coming some 112kg/s :( thats no way possible.

I used hex mesh and tet mesh generated using ICEM cfd. Im pretty sure that there is some problem with my boundary conditions.

Can any one please help?

tim.sonderby June 20, 2012 09:51

you could make a calculation on the inlet to make sure that that you have done the calculation correctly.

another option would be to change the inlet from velocity to mass

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