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AnthonyP November 8, 2018 18:12

Creating a axi-symmetric mesh for OpenFOAM

I am trying to create an axi-symmetric mesh for my project. I am using GridPro because I greatly appreciate the high-quality multiblock structured meshing. Unfortuneately, I am running into some issues using OpenFOAM tools to convert the the 3d mesh from gridPro to the single cell thick wedge style mesh that OpenFOAM uses for axisymmetric cases.

My question:

Is it possible to directly generate such a grid with just GridPro without needed to use openFOAM tools to make the axisymmetric conversion?

LuckyTran December 18, 2018 07:54

GridPro won't let you do a single cell thick mesh (least 2) so it would have to be in 2D grid. Not sure if it would be doable at all using either method. That is, I'm not sure there is an OpenFOAM tool that converts a 2D mesh into a wedge (but step 5 looks promising). And GridPro can't wedge it on its own.

AnthonyP December 27, 2018 12:51

Thank you for your help; I'll avoid the direct route then.

As a note: I found the error during my conversion process. So it is perfectly doable to convert a 2D planar mesh generated by GridPro to an axi-symmetric mesh for openFOAM using its extrudeMesh utility.
Just be careful of the points near the to-be axis and ensure they do not cross it before running the utility (Crossing the axis even if by 1pt many orders smaller than the mesh...can cause inverted cells)

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