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mohajaz01 April 29, 2012 14:51

I try to simulate a microclimate in multispan greenhouse.
if any one work in this case ,I need a help
best regards.

abdul099 April 30, 2012 18:15

Maybe the hardware forum is not the best choice to ask for help with a specific case. It is more efficient to put the question in the appropriate software forum.
Anyway, what kind of help do you need? Which software do you use?

mohajaz01 May 2, 2012 05:59

thank you for your reply
I use fluent to simulate microclimate in greenhouse
I have 2 problems:
a)how to define heat and evapotranspiration flux of vegetation,if we now that fluent allow to define heat flux or transpiration flux and not too flux in same case.
b)how to define BC in screen,I try to use POROUS-JUMP but it not succed.
thank you for help

abdul099 May 2, 2012 15:35

I can't provide you any help since I'm using Star-ccm+.
However, I can just repeat: This is the hardware forum. Put your post in the Fluent forum. You will have a better chance to get help there since Fluent users will most probably check this. I don't know if you can move a post, but in case you can't, just open a new post there.

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