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lalupp May 3, 2012 13:42

entry level gpu
I would like to know which is the cheapest gpu , just for learning cuda programming for cfd purposes.
recently I purchased a cheap graphics card geforce 210 . Can I start programming with this . Latter I would like to submit a project proposal for fermi like systems

Any idea

rmh26 May 5, 2012 11:48

My plan was to buy an ivy bridge processor and start learning opencl. The new imbedded HD graphics support opencl 1.1. There aren't particularly fast(esp for DP) but it will be enough to program with and debug. You could then take the code you have developed and run it on Amazon's cloud service. You could rent some time with a gpgpu, enough to do some quick benchmarking for very cheap. This was my plan. Was gonna upgrade my system and wanted to start learning opencl but didn't want to drop spend too much if it proved to be too much trouble.

rmh26 May 7, 2012 10:09

That being said looking at the 210 it has compute capability 1.2 which means it does not support double precision. You can still do single precision work with this card but it would probably be better to just grab something a little newer.

DP wasn't supported until 1.3

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