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eternityboy July 5, 2012 01:24

any benchmarks results before buying computer
Hello everybody!

I would like to know if there are any good benchmarks for hpc paralleling

i want to buy several workstations to make a cluster of those.

first of all I would like to know how much memory I need for one core of the proc?
Somewhere I heard that for one core you need only 2Gb of memory, so there is no need for 4 core to have 32gb on board, is it? even so, 16Gb could be enough
Is it true from yours experience?

and, one more thing, have you tried new Ivy Bridge? any comparing to Sandy one?

and after all, few dumb questions.
should I buy SSD as system disk? I believe all the case files gonna be on a BlackCaviar HDD. or, Its better to have one as CASE disk?

how you manage all the data on the drives? for example, maybe its good enough to have SSD on every WS and big storage RAID somewhere around?

What filesystem is better to use with cluster?
do you use just normal NFS or GlusterFS or anything else? how you manage Filesystems and R/W on the drives?

I have an HP cluster (4 blades), and there is problem with link down, link up on CFD tasks, after that computational stops. have you faced any same problem?
Debian Squeeze everywhere. Could it be hardware problem or just kernel problem or ethernet overload

i Am using openfoam and mpi

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