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Nigirim October 24, 2012 04:49

OpenFoam and workstation brands
Hi all,

I would like to know if anyone has made good or bad experiences with workstations from HP, DELL or FujitsuSiemens and OpenFoam running on Linux.

So I'm searching for someone who can tell me if there are any pros and cons to those brands. I'm not searching for a special computer or model all I would like to know
if there are some people who say something like "I'm using/ I used #insert brand# I am/was happy with because" or "I'm using/ I used #insert brand# I am/was not happy with because".
But please dont write something like "Dell sucks use HP" without any good reasons.

I'm not searching for any model or specific hardware tips I just want to know if there are some major issues with one of those brands.


I know my english isnt the best so just ask me if something is hard to understand :D.

CapSizer October 24, 2012 16:09

I would suggest that the brand is immaterial. All of those branded workstations use the same underlying hardware (CPU, motherboards, memory, graphics cards, hard drives) from the same suppliers. They only really differ from "white boxes" when you start looking at the packaging and cooling. If you take care with putting together a white box from the right components, a good quality chassis, PSU and appropriate cooling, it will be at least as good as the branded ones. Of the three big names, Dell stands out because it is easy to go to the website to configure and price a system that suits your requirements. The single biggest reason to buy a brand name system is that you know that the components will be compatible (no under-specified PSU's, for example) and there will be a good warranty. They also get the raw hardware at better prices than the normal retail component suppliers, so the system price is not always higher than a white box.

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