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Motorz December 10, 2012 16:02

CFD computer configuration
Our laboratory is going to buy a new computer for CFD purposes. Primarily we are using self-made CUDA based software for simulations. But also we are experimenting with OpenFOAM and Palabos. Also we use ParaView for post-processing data and Blender for rendering.
The budget is 5000$ max.

I've stopped on this configuration:


Intel Xeon E5-1620 (Sandy Bridge-EP) 4-Core, HyperThreading, 10MB L3 cache
4x DIMM 4GB DDR-III PC3-12800 ECC DualRank x8 (16 GB total)
nVidia Tesla C2075
nVidia Quadro 600
2x HDD 3000GB SATA 6G 7200rpm
Power Supply 900w, 80% efficiency
Is this configuration good enough for these tasks?
Is there any advantages of using Intel Xeon? Can I use Intel Core i7-3820 with non-ECC memory instead of Xeon?

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