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giorgio88 January 15, 2013 18:27

Hi everybody,
I'm nuclear eng student and i just complete a course in computational termo-fluid dynamic and I'm interested in building my own workstation. Due to the fact that I very like open source and I'm simply a student that can't afford beautiful workstation that i saw in this forum I'd like your advice about parallella ( ). I think it's very promising project but I'm bit scared about bottleneck. I worked with octave/matlab, freefem++and openfoam. Last two software use c++ that could be supported by this project.

So what are your impression about that and since I'm new both in this forum both in CFD world any specific and general advice are welcome.

Totize March 9, 2013 05:58

Hello giorgio88 !

I've been looking at this really nice project today and indeed it looks like a very appealing CFD hardware solution.
But first it's still not released for public.
And the doubt I have is about the amount of RAM of this chip. Just 1GB is really low. Last semester I've been working on Fluent of (only) 2D simulations and it took me like 4GB of RAM to do my calculus.

So I really don't know how this Parallella could handle that.

Maybe with one of the proposed "4 general purpose expansion connectors", we can add some more RAM.

Since it's not released I can't advise you to wait or not.
But one thing is sure, this kind of plateform will shake CFD (and much more) world in the coming years. And it's exciting ! :D

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