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Mojave April 4, 2013 03:10

Student's Workstation
Dear community,
since my notebook is not capable of the computations done with autodesk's sim cfd and the cad performance is not satisfying anymore I am in need of a new workstation - but which CPU? I've been using intel CPUs for years, so I stumbled upon the e5-1620 and he e5-2630 ... Is one of these the way to go? Fast quad core vs slower hexa core?

May AMD be an option? Don't know those...

Planned basic components:

GPU: firepro v4900
Ram: 32GB ddr3 - clockspeed depending on CPU/mb
Ssd: Samsung m840
Hdd:wd velociraptor

My budget is around 1450$

Anyone here may give his opinion? Thanks :)

abdul099 April 5, 2013 20:57

I didn't check the CPU's you've mentioned (I'm too lazy at this time), but the Intel E-xxxx (Sandy Bridge E) should be nice.
General advice: Forget about AMD. Their only advantage is the price, but most Intel CPU's will easily beat them.

Mojave April 6, 2013 12:25


thank you for your response - appreciate this, so AMD is out of consideration ... :)

Since the E-1620 is sold out everywhere - I got the i7-3930K which is compareable to the E-1650 (also sold out) but is limited to 64GB of Ram, instead of 375GB - which are
unlikely to be installed ......

But as far as I concern - it should be enough for work at home, otherwise
a cluster at the University can be used for openFoam and such.

So the system has fitted a i7-3930K with 6x3,6GHZ, 32GB 1600 Ram, Firepro V4900, and two fast HDDs....was just ordered and hopefully will be delivered on Wednesday. :)

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