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Tobi September 8, 2013 05:41

Information / Hardware / Computer / Cluster
Hello all,

I am working on CFD with OpenFOAM 5 years now and I have requests on bigger simulations (dynamic mesh with >> 5.000.000 cells) and my reacent computer is not sufficient enough.

My system:

- Corshair Formula IV
- AMD Buldozer FX 8150 (eight core)
- 40 GB memory
- Nvidia 560GTX

I want to extend my system now and dont know how is the best way.

I thought I build up a server with 2 - 4 CPU sockets and making pre - and post processing still on my computer but for calculations I will send the data to that server.

Is that a good idea or would you do that in a complete different way?
Which hardware should I use - especially for CFD OpenFOAM + Paraview ...

Maybe my system is not set correctly because if I render with paraview my graphiccard fan never run instead of playing BF3 ;) or something like that ?

I know that AMD is not as good as the Intel processors but I have not a million dollars left ;)

Maybe it would be better to build a new desk pc?

I will spend round about 2000 €

Thanks in advance

Totalsim October 16, 2013 15:08

Hi Tobi,

With 40GB of ram you should be able to mesh and solve more than 5M cells.

It would be worth checking your memory is all seated properly and been picked up as you should be able to.

TotalSim can help with your hardware requirements but my feeling is you're not getting the best out of what you have.

Good luck.

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