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HMN September 26, 2013 08:54

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 Modified Into Quadro K5000 and Tesla K10

has somebody tried this change?

It looks crazy that the funtions of the Quadro or Tesla can be enable by just change a couple of resistors in the board.


wyldckat October 20, 2013 06:34

Greetings HMN,

:eek: Thanks for sharing! This is a pretty interesting and rather expensive hack, mainly because it can go so very wrong :(.
NVIDIA probably hasn't bothered complaining much about this so far, because it's such a risky hack. And as the first link indicates, this isn't the first time that NVIDIA uses the same GPU in a crippled form to differentiate from their professional versions.

From what I can figure out, hacking the hardware directly isn't illegal, but hacking the drivers is... which is rather weird...

I read most of the thread and the following posts seem rather intriguing:
I kept reading up to page 26 (out of 40) and did not find any performance improvement to be reported from these hacks. So I gave reading on it.

So, it looks like the hardware hack is only sort-of aesthetic. The original author wanted to enable the 3 monitor "mosaic" system on Linux (which works on Windows without the hack), which was constrained on the drivers for the GTX 690 card and for that the hack worked just fine.

The other feature that seems to be unlocked is the ability to work on virtualized environments, which seems to allow one to have a Windows inside a VM using the modded card as if it were a real machine. And it looks like ATI provides this off-the-self without the need for said hack :eek:.

Best regards,

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