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jajakub December 30, 2013 11:56

i7-4820k or xeon E5-2637V2 for Ansys 15 Machanical
Hello, I am new to this forum so please excuse if I have misplaced this thread.

I have a simple question. I am about to build a workstation for ansys 15 mechanical, my license only supports two core execution, extending the license is not possible.

Should I choose: i7-4820k or Xeon E5-2637V2

I tried to google but I can not find any relevant data comparing just two threaded applications of ansys on the above mentioned processors, nor am I able to find other floating point results to compare the ebove...


Sixkillers January 4, 2014 15:35

Well, Xeon has larger cache than i7, so my guess is that it would perform slightly better. However according to Intel's site Xeon is roughly 3x expensive, so I am not sure, if it is worth of money. Moreover i7 can address up to 64 GB RAM, but for a workstation it should be ok. Finally, Ansys Mechanical can take advantage of present of GPU. However it requires an additional licence:


For commercial license users, the GPU accelerator capability is enabled using the Ansys HPC Pack licensing model. For academic license users, the GPU capability is included within the base Ansys Academic product
So it might not help you at all.

Cheers ;)

jajakub January 4, 2014 16:00

Well that is exactly my thinking, I even asked people who sell ansys over here but even they do not have any real life benchmarks comparing socket 2011 i7 with a similar speedy E5 xeon... I realized from what I read that bottlenecks in ansys are more likely in I/O so instead of pricy xeon i decided to put the money saved into another sata 3 controler and separate ssd drives for swap, working directory and system.

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