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soni7007 April 27, 2009 14:19

AMD Opteron 2389 vs. Xeon W5580
I am planning to buy a workstation with the fastest processor available. Currently, i have a Xeon 5160. I am confused between the two : AMD Opteron 2389 and Xeon W5580 (that's Nehalem, right?).
Also, is Opteron faster than Xeon 5160?

Any suggestions, ideas, benchmarkings available?

Thanks in advance!

mystic_cfd May 3, 2009 17:42

Hi there

There is good information in the benchmarks from Fluent (Ansys). See

It looks as if the Nehalem is much faster than Shanghai. I would not go for a Xeon 5160.
Your final choice must evaluate total system cost (especially RAM).

good luck

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