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L3munoz July 23, 2009 05:02

FLUENT in Linux
Hi everybody!!

I have Fluent installed in my laptop. However I wanted to put another OS on it (Linux Ubuntu) or even buying a Macbook. I guess Fluent won't run for sure in Mac OS but it works in Linux. My question is, could I work with the same Fluent in Linux. I mean, installing it like in Windows or I need any special license or something like that for Linux?

Excuse me but I'm a completely beginner in Linux world and maybe this question is stupid, but any advice or reply is welcome.

Thanks in advance,


Ford Prefect July 23, 2009 07:50

You can perhaps install the windows version using wine, but I strongly recommend against it. You need to download the linux version of Fluent for full performance. As for the license it depends on what type of licensing you are using i guess.

You should also know that there are several minor adjustments you need to perform while migrating to linux. You also need to make some adjustments if you are not using supported versions of linux (i.e. enterprise versions of SuSE and Red Hat).

Example: Under OpenSuSE 11.1 Fluent menus are not displaying fonts correctly due to a missing package, this is luckily easily installed from say YaST. In Ubuntu 9.04 scroll bars in the menus are really annoying with slow response-time (probably easy to solve as well, but I have not given it any time). With each new version of linux and/or change in distro you will probably need to make some small adjustments. For this you need some linux knowledge or it will take lots of time.

Good luck.

L3munoz July 24, 2009 05:51

Frod Prefect: Hi! Thanks a lot for replying so quickly. Now I have more questions...

- According to what I know, wine is the link between Linux and Windows. doesn't work well??
- Linux version of FLUENT?? what do u mean? a CFD open source software similar to FLUENT of Linux or FLUENT version made to work on Linux??
- About to the adjustements in Linux to work better with FLUENT, I'm gonna work with Ubuntu, and u say it'll take me a lot of time cause my Linux background is zero. Do u think is there any way to get such help to solve this problems in the net?

Ford Prefect July 24, 2009 07:00

There is a linux version of Fluent on the homepage.

From the above answer I see little point in trying to get a windows version of Fluent to work on linux using some interface like wine.

The Ubuntu community is huge and always willing to help. However if you don't know what to ask they will not be able to help ;)

MadsR October 29, 2009 05:58

Jorge, did you get your questions answered? Linux is a fantastic platform for high performance computing among being, with Ubuntu, a serious player on the desktop arena. Fluent (and all serious CFD codes IMHO) runs native like a charm under Linux. They might prefer Suse, but have a talk with them or just try how it works under Ubuntu.

Forget about Wine.

If you are absolutely green to Linux, Google is your friend and if you invest a couple of weekends with the command line interface you will be an expert in no time.


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