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albertolot August 6, 2009 10:58

Parallel computing
hey there,
Im trying to use parallel computing to run better and faster my CFD software, but i really dont know how to do it in windows or lynux. would yo please help me.?

samad87 August 10, 2009 14:01

i'm facing sm prblm in ths regard as well...
once chking the connectivity in fluent for parallel connection the connectivity shows all five nodes but all hv the same id...
i suppose tht the other 4 nodes beside teh adminiustrator r nt contributing at all.......cuz once i chk thru the task manager all 5 fluent are taking 20% load n there processes are mentioned against the id of the administrator......

Kutan August 18, 2009 04:58

Linux vs. Windows
If you want to calculate your analyses faster and not to pay for clustering program than you should use linux. There is so many opensource clustering programs, which you can use not only for commerical programs but also the codes that you have developed or the programs like openFOAM.

lawrencelaw August 28, 2009 12:50

Newbie at Parallel Computing

I just embarked on parallel computing and started with defining separate CPU processes for each individual CFD mesh, i.e. there are 5 zones meshes and therefore there will be 5 processes. I am using FDS5 MPI compiler and mpiexec.exe. What i did was to type the following in the command prompt (before this you have to set your environmental variable so that the path is recognized, i.e. when you type FDS5_MPI, it can execute regardless of your directory location).

I typed at command prompt: mpiexec -n 5 fds5_mpi.exe filename.fds
which effectively allocated the 5 meshes into 5 CPU processes.

I am using an i7 920 OC 4Ghz 6G DDR3 Ram, i was trying to fully utilize the 4 cores of the i7 chip using the parallel computing. The OS is Vista Ultimate 64bit.

My maiden attempt was only a partial success due to my observation that the CPU load is rather erratic (fluctuates between 40-80% load). Running the "same" parallel computing mode in Pyrosim (a FDS 3rd party GIU), the cpu load for the same CFD file is 100% and significantly faster processing speed.

Any help to show me where i am getting it wrong will be appreciated.:D


mohsennassaji December 21, 2009 07:20

Hi everybody
i need exact algorithm of CFD which used in software
i want to work on its algorithm
if you have any information please post it for me
or please send an email for me

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