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bredberg September 25, 2009 17:04

Bench CFX/Fluent with xeon5520
I've run two different case (one Fluent with 1M cells and one with CFX with 2M cells) on single CPU's.
The results are:

Testcase: Fluent 6.2, MRF, ca 1M cells
Start with 200iter, measure from 150iter
Time CPU

23m30s core2 3.16GHz
24m36s xeon 3GHz
27m50s core2 3.0GHz
28m02s xeon5520(nehalem) 2.26GHz

29m43s core2 2.8GHz

Testcase: CFX 12, ca 2M cells 20iterations

Time CPU

1517s xeon5520 (nehalem) 2.26GHz

1296s xeon 3GHz
1603s core2 3.0GHz

Thus it seems that nehalem at 2.26GHz is similar to a core2 at 3GHz, I was expecting more from this CPU. Has anyone similar experiance?


core2 at 2.8Ghz is a oc e6300 (1.86GHz) with 800MHz DDR2


mystic_cfd October 3, 2009 16:32

The strength of the Nehalem becomes evident when using more than one core on the CPU. Try the benchmarks by running a 2-way parallel run on each machine, or by running the benchmark on a machine where another job is running at the same time.


phiBe October 9, 2009 01:36

Thanks for the numbers! Interesting results.


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