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Sekula January 24, 2010 17:00

Shared memory Processor WS vs Distributed computer system (clusters)
Hi, I am planning to invest some money to do my research using Fluent and Flow3D software. Size of my applications could be varied from 10-50 million cells and sometimes I may need to run 3 or more simulations in parallel. When I inquired about above two options, I got mixed opinion from venders and different CFD users. Please help me to finalize my decision with your opinion. There is no limit for budget.

I may also need to develop many models at the same time with two or more attached workstations.

If possible, also please suggest the brand and model of processors, graphic cards, etc.

mjgraf January 25, 2010 05:57

If this is just for your research (university, master or phd??) and you will not be running this for hundreds/thousands of jobs per month or you will be the only primary user, the Cray CX1 may be just what you are looking for. It has compute, storage, and visualization blades, all in one nice box (nicely balanced system). If you need some more compute power, you can add another CX1 to it!

There is also the Appro - Ready-To-Go Cluster Series

mjgraf January 25, 2010 06:37

one other note.
you did not mention if these will be steady/unsteady, the turn around time for calculations, or how many licenses you will have access to. This would also play a part in how to setup these jobs and the hardware requirements to meet these needs.

Sekula January 25, 2010 10:23

mjgraf, thank you for your reply. To answer your questions; I am in a university setup. Almost all the simulations will be at transient state. I will at least have 2 licenses for each software (I think in order to setup 2 problems simultaneously, you need 2 licenses). Turn around time for models with 5 million cells that I am running now takes about 5-6 hrs. I will visit above website and check it however, if you have more info please post! thanks again. Sekula

mjgraf January 25, 2010 15:27

how many cpus are you currently running for these 5 million cell jobs?
5 to 6 hours for a 5 million cell transient seems too good to be true unless you are throwing a ton of cpus at the job. of course i do not know the details of the job. The transient jobs we are running take days to compute.

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