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Nevel January 29, 2010 09:17

Small cluster configuration for pump simulation at CFX
Dear colleagues,
could you please recommend a configuration of workstation or small cluster for pump simulation at CFX?
The pump is centrifugal and single-stage with volute and diffusor.
Steady-state (frozen rotor) and transient simulations.
Cobination of hexa and tetra/prism meshes.
Whole model number of cells is about 8 milions.
Required time for 1 iteration is about 100 seconds.

Thanks a lot for your replies!

Michiel February 9, 2010 06:24

You can go for an Intel cpu type W3570, W3580, W5590 or I7. The W35xx types support up to 24 GB memory which is enough for your application. Go for DDR3 1333 Mhz memory. I'm not sure, but I think 6-8 GB is enough for 8 million cells.
Complete the system with a fast hard disk, some thing like a 15K rpm SAS or SSD. Instal your applications on this fast disk, and use the fast disk as working directory for your CFD analysis. For data storage you can get a cheaper 7.2K rpm HDD.

I think it doesnt make a big difference if you go for HP, Dell or something else. As long the components are good.

If your software can run more than 4 threads, you can look at a double quad core cpu.

At the moment I'm configuring a workstation for the same kind of analysis you would like to run. I looking to a HP Z400, Z600 or Z800 with the W3570 cpu and 8 gb of DDR3.

Chalghoum April 7, 2014 06:07

centrifugal pump
Dear all,

I Chalghoum Issa PhD student

I work on the study of transient flow in the inner centrifugal pump.
I make a design pump using the Vista CPD tool then I make a mesh of the volute automatically and make a mesh impeller by Turbogrid tool but when I make a Toy of the pump ansys cfx solver manager the results of the parameters displayed speed and pressure of the moment equations and mass are a dimensional .
when I try changing the pressure and velocity on the pump ( impeller and volute ) ansys cfx displays only the impeller and does not display the volute (in order turbo mode).

my questions are :

is that the mesh separate from the centrifugal pump ( the impeller with turbogrid ) and ( volute with control mesh ) causes problem for the results then displayed on ansys cfx if so what are the tools meshes of a centrifugal pump the most accurate .

shown how the evolution of the relative velocities and pressure of centrifugal pump ( impeller and volute ) and shown how the evolution of the height function of mass flow rate .

I needs these results as soon as possible.

please Help me


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