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Malik1 July 16, 2010 12:13

New computer for CFD simulations using FLUENT
Hi all, I plan to buy a new computer in range of 1600~1800 USD, for performing CFD simulations using FLUENT. I have done some work on this and found following two options feasible;

1. Using Parallel FLUENT and Intel® Server board SC5500BC with 2 Intel® xeon E5620 processors (12M Cache, 2.40 GHz, 5.86 GT/s Intel® QPI quad core, 8 thread) and 12 GB DDR3 memory.

2. 3 computers connected using KVM switch and Hub and parallel fluent. Each computer having Intel® i5-750 processor (8M Cache, 2.66 GHz, 2.5 GT/s DMI, quad core, 4 thread) , and 4 GB DDR3 memory (so total of 12 GB memory)

So, which of these two systems should I buy? or Is there some other good option in this price tag?

mystic_cfd July 18, 2010 16:28

Your configuration will depend on the type of work to be done. I would presume (without checking) that you will get a faster runtime from the 12 core system (3 x i5-750) than from the 8 core machine. So if you are doing a lot of production runs, this will be faster - however this requires more licenses.

The 8-core machine gives you an option to build a large mesh (using all 12GB of RAM) - very few meshers are parallel and the 3x4GB system will limit your maximum problem size to whatever fits in 4GB.

good luck

hellorishi July 19, 2010 07:40

How many parallel licences do you have ? If you buying new hardware (and licence) DId you factor in hardware vs ANSYS (Parallel) licence cost ?

If you are investing in a new machine, I would recommend buying the best proc in marktet.
Those are either i7 extreme edition or Xeon 5600 series.

you could go for a gaming PC with i7-Extreme edition. The best proc. in gaming being i7-980x.

MY guess is i7-980x or X5680 might be fastest.

majas August 11, 2010 01:44

error install
I have system7-64bit with cpu corei7-6G memory ram(corsair ddr3)
what version of exceed and gambit will install?
when I want to install exceed13-gambit2.4.6 on my system,this error appear"dumping to physical memory" then restart.
what is problem?
can anyone help me?

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