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chiragsvnit October 6, 2010 13:24

Hardware Requirement For Francis Turbine Simulation
Dear Friends,
I want to carry out simulation of complete Francis turbine and i have gone through tutorial i found i may have about 7o million cells to do fair simulation of Francis turbine.
I have planned to go for parallel computation and i will be using Blade type rack mounted server and i will be carry out complete simulation using either ANSYS CFX or ANSYS FLUENT with URANS-LES.
Kindly suggest optimum hardware i.e.
(1) Processor type and clock speed, core, thread.
(2) Processing time to get solution closure to 10E-5 residual
(2) Required Memory
(4)Time required to simulate 1 million cell
(5) Number of Processors
(6) Optimum Speedup time
(7) Is there a thumb rule for number of cell to Processor and RAM?

Hardware Procurement and finance is not a big issue.

Please help me out as soon as possible.
Thanks in Advance

andyj October 23, 2010 16:47

Here is a presentation discussing a Francis Turbine Simulation:

they used 8 Intel Q6600 Quad cores with 2 Gb each, Processor speed 2.4 GHz.

andyj October 23, 2010 22:27

In the Presentation of the Francis Turbine, they were using from 3.8 to 6.0 million elements. Nothing near 70 million elements. But it still took 8 entry level quad cores to do 3.8-6 million.

chiragsvnit October 30, 2010 14:02

Thank you for pdf but it seems very long calculation process...and i think they have considered k-e model and it doesent make reliable results for accurate validation and even they must have taken more than 15 day to get numerical it is time consuming...

ArslanOZCAN January 6, 2012 03:44

Hi chiragsvnit;

I hope you have configured out the hardware issue. Now i'm having the same problem. Can you provide me a hardware to configure a good resolution cfd analysis of a francis turbine.

And the other question is are you using transient simulation of a method like MRF ?

With my best wishes....


chiragsvnit January 10, 2012 01:41

Hardware post
You go through Ansys CFX Manual, it has suggested some guide line of minimum required Hardware i.e. CPU power + RAM with respect to flow modeling type and equation sets to carry out CFD simulation. If you will not get this, ask specific questions i will response.

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