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saad3000 January 31, 2011 09:17

Ansys12.1 - Fluent - Cluster
Dears, I want to utilize the parallel computing and I have the following:

I have 6 servers with 2 cpus quad core /each = 8 processors / server

I have windows xp 64 bit installed and Ansys 12.1 with fluent on all 6 servers.

I kept reading about Distributing file system and etc and am not getting there.

I need to set them up as a cluster/parallel so that I can run simulations on all 6 servers to gain as much time as I can.


1) Do I need to have HPC License server for the ANSYS?

2) Will it work with my setup? Windows xp 64bit on all 6 servers + Ansys 12.1 installed on each one?

3) What MPI should I use? how to install?

4) How to test if all is working?

Kindly help me or point me to any document that I can really set this whole thing up.



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