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beguxa April 10, 2011 09:21

simulation of smaller models (1-2 mill) on laptops
Hey guys,
I have referred to the earlier discussion on i7-720QM and i5-520 QM. Now I am planning to buy a laptop which also I could use for carrying out some small simulations and have a few queries:
1. What are the most important parameters I need to pay attention to while comparing hardware configurations - for e.g. processor, RAM, cache memory, clock speed, no of processors, graphics card memory?

2. Are the threads counted as distinct processors which setting up simulations or can we run a 8-processor simulation on a i7-4 core/8thread processor?

3. Lets say if I have to run a 2 million cells fluent simulation then how much time does it take on i5-2core/4 thread machine and same on i7-4core/8thread machine (I use other configurations similar like 8 GB RAM, cache memory same)? Do other stuffs matter a lot like cache memory, graphics card, etc?

4. Amongst Dell, HP, Asus, which brand gives good performance? with similar configuration?

5. Any suggestions for cheaper laptops in India. As I can not go for all the high end configurations how can I bring down the cost of laptop?

Thanks a lot,

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