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abelme April 21, 2011 08:16

Memory storage problem IBM-machine, xlf compiler
Hello everyone,

I have a memory allocation problem with my CFD code. I am running for the first time on IBM machines, with xlf fortran compiler, and I get a memory saturation problem, after a few iterations.

More precisely , after a certain number of time stepts, my job stops because the memory is full and cannot allocate my next variable anymore.

I talked with peoples and tried to understand, The code I am using was developped a few years ago, and we have situations like;

if (.not. allocated(x)) allocate(x(k))

with no deallocation when x is no longer used.

Could this problem came from the fact that we store in memory quite a lot?
Peoples from the clusters administration told me that I probably have an allocation into a loop. I really spent time on searching fro this variable and couldn't find it!

Anyone has a suggestion or maybe somebody uncountred a similar problem??

Thx in advance,

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