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sunti January 26, 2012 22:45

How to choose the cpu for simulation
Hello all,

I have to choose the cpu for simulation.
By the setting cluster with 128 core, can anyone suggest me for choosing the cpu Intel or AMD would be match this configuration.

Now I looking for Intel Xeon x5690 and AMD Opteron ......
but the AMD clock is less than Intel.
I'm not sure it have the effect on the speed of the calculation or not?

Thank for all suggestions,


rmh26 January 30, 2012 13:43

128 cores /6 cores/x5690 = roughly 22 processes at ~ $1600 = $35,000 for processors alone. How much money you budgeting for this project?

I would consider buying E3-1270 (sandy bridge) instead.

Can't run them in a dual-proc setup but a large savings and you will get the AVX which doubles the SIMD regsiter from 128 to 256kb. This means each core can do 4 SIMD DP ops per cycle where as the each x5690 can only do 2 SIMD DP ops per cycle.

The Opterons (Interlagos) are cheaper but sort of misleading. An 8 core Interlagos has 8 integer units but only 4 AVX SIMD units. However they do support FMA which means a = a +b*c can be done in one operation. This provides a great speed up for many linear algebra operations, dot products, matrix vector mults. If your writing you own software and have good compilers you might get better performance from the opterons by using the FMA.

Sandy Bridge will save you money on power and the reviews for the first generation bulldoze(Interlagos) haven't been so great.

my vote: new intel sandy bridge xeon's (look for models without built in graphics unless you want to try going the opencl route)

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