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Far November 10, 2012 08:34

CFD Market in Middle East
Do you have any idea about the demand of CFD in middle east? I want to start the company which covers the CFD services in Pakistan, India, china and middle east.

I am concerned about the CFD business in Middle East. Any idea !!!

abdul099 November 15, 2012 20:38

I assume there is some demand especially in India and China due to the (growing) automotive industry. I don't know about Pakistan.

In the middle east, I assume CFD will be mainly used for oil & gas industry. But many companies there have it's roots or corporation partners either in the US or UK, so much of the work will be done from there.
There is not much industry apart from oil & gas. Maybe a little civil engineering, but again, most engineering services in this sector will not be served from the middle east.
There are also many other fields with possible applications for CFD, like desalination of sea water, lots of thermal comfort in buildings, air conditioning etc. But of course, there is not as much industry as in Europe or the US, so you'll probably don't hear much about this.

All together, there is some demand - but it will become hard to get into the market.

PSYMN November 16, 2012 11:05

Wow... You know your region better than I do, so I can't comment on that.

Consulting is a tough business in general, but I am always impressed by those who succeed. In all cases, success took more than being a good CFD analyst. You need to be business savvy, a good manager, good at sales, etc. You need to be a very well rounded and special kind of person, or at least be able to build a well rounded enough team in a hurry.

I have had the privileged of traveling the world to meet with our channel partners. As an Engineer-MBA type of person, I am always just as interested in their business story.

Some are older guys who started with ANSYS decades ago (ANSYS is more than 40 years old). These guys often seem a bit too shrewd and cunning (not the sort of people who would help out on CFD-Online for free). They have struggled for years and built up their companies against strong competition in established economies.

There are also some very interesting young guys who are doing well as both ANSYS Channel partners and CFD Consulting companies in places like Brazil and South Africa... These economies were not booming when they started, so there was less competition (my perception, ease is relative) and they were able to grow with the economy. Maybe it is just because they are younger, but they seemed a lot friendlier (They didn't seem to be trying to figure out how to get money out of talking to me ;^)

The guys in Brazil started their company while they were still in school, but a decade later, they had hundreds of employees and the distribution agreement for all of South America... They are a couple of amazing guys though.

South Africa has a more challenging economy with less people interested in buying software (plenty seem interested in pirating it though, so perhaps you should consider if the legal environment of your region will be a problem), there are also more regulations about employment there that make growth difficult. It is also not the safest place in the world; I heard about armed gunmen breaking in and stealing all their computers in the middle of a work day (which could hurt your bottom line a bit) a few years ago.

I used to consider going into consulting myself... But I am a bit too comfortable at ANSYS ;^)

Far November 16, 2012 11:18

Do you see any demand of ANSYS software from Middle east and Pakistan? I know there are many legitimate customers in India and china and business is also growing at very fast pace.

PSYMN November 16, 2012 11:30

It is not really my area at all... Certainly, I don't see sales like I see coming out of China or India, but that may just mean there is opportunity. I wouldn't want you to base any sort of big decision like this on my perception of the market from the other side of the world.

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