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Michail November 17, 2012 11:07

Starship, foundation, to the far galaxies
Dear colleagues!

I've got an idea.

There is USA's DAPRA's project

100 Year Starship

I am crazy about it. I am crazy about space travel. Have You read I.Asimov's Fondation series?

And to addition to this his the End of Eternity? But I'm dissatisfied with his limitation for space travel.

I offer the next.

Let's organize "International Free Star Foundation"

We will build the spaceship for the travel out of the Solar System.

In 100 Year Starship conception I dislike cause this is a DAPRA's (US Ministry of Defence) child.

I offer to develop "open-source" Starship.

I'll be glad to get any suggestions, feedbacks, opinions and notes.


casagou November 20, 2012 18:08

May the Force be with you
Good luck young Padawan ! :eek:

Michail November 20, 2012 18:46


Originally Posted by casagou (Post 393285)

Good luck young Padawan !

Thank You! What about participation?

diamondx November 21, 2012 12:12

that's very large large scale project. how you're planning on doing that ??

Michail November 21, 2012 18:11

Hi Dear Ali

First of all I suppose this project will be for several generations (I mean that developed spaceship will see our grandchildren, not us).

We need to solve several problems

1) Theoretical problem of development & design
2) Practical problem of building the spaceship in some vicinity of Earth
3) Problem of human resource and financing

In theoretical part we need to solve next problems (may be more, but I'll point main, which I see)

1) Problem of engine amd power plant development
2) Problem of flying with speed of several light speed (yes, I mean that we'll develop such speed and will overcome the Einstain's limitations)
3) Spaceship design problem, developed for several LS (light speed)

May be there are more problem to solve, but I see these (as the first iteration)

Sounds ambitios, but Cheops piramide humanity have built.
We will build the Enterprise

wyldckat November 25, 2012 07:52

Greetings to all!

@Michail: Very interesting project! Although I have no idea if CFD can still be applied in outer space, since there's... no fluids!?

Anyway, closest thing to what I can help with, is with the occasional idea, such as:
  1. Going at the speed of light or higher requires sub-space traveling, which in turn requires the help of several quantum physicists to do the math... which allegedly there should already be several working on this. in other words: without the math, there's no engine.
    Unless of course you choose to ignore the math and simply go into using a nuclear power plant, generate+convert 1 TV (teravolt) of electricity and blast anything at the back side of the ship :rolleyes:
  2. Or perhaps the better solution would be to switch to solving the problem with the application of cryogenics to live organisms. Here CFD might be able to help, if molecular reactions are taken into account.
    In other words, do what has already been done for combustion, but applied to cryogenics... although... probably it would require simulations down to the level of simulating a cell itself...
    I think those old billionaires that sponsored those crazy political super pacs in the USA, wouldn't mind to sponsor with money to the possibility for them to come back properly defrosted in a few thousands of years from now...
  3. The mere task of getting off the planet is a massive ordeal on its own. But CFD with structural analysis could be a good way for helping with designing that ship. Which reminds me of the crazy idea in the last paragraphs on this page: :D
  4. This is a massive project that is expected to require several generations to at least develop things. The best starting point would probably associating the foundation with an open knowledge base, associating itself or working with the already existing sites/foundations, such as
    This implies the need for contacting people in the fields of interest on whether they want to at least provide with knowledge on those subjects.
Have fun! Best regards,

JBeilke November 25, 2012 18:09

Michail November 30, 2012 00:12

Thank You, Dear Bruno for the ideas. It's rather helpful.

Yes, there aren't fluid's but what do You think about

..."Computational Light Dynamics"...(CLD) :cool:???
..."Computational Space Dynamics"...(CSD):cool:???

Yes, of course there will be HUGE ammount of math. I am going to enter the Apllied Math course next summer and I intend to dedicate 4 years of my life to the pure math.

I am crazy. I know that.

I have made a lot of rather crazy things in my life and I won't stop. This wil be the TOP.

I am looking for the same crazy and mad science enthusiasts like I am.

I like Asimov's "Foundation" conception and I am a romantic.

I am a former Russian Air Force captain and I hate war now. I suppose that science and love will save the world.

jimlaws December 30, 2012 12:53

Some day you will know the truth that Moon is already colonized way back in 50s and NASA, DARPA are there for the cover. Don't believe me then try searching satellite pictures of Far side of Moon and its analysis.

wyldckat March 29, 2013 06:33

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share a page I spotted a few days ago:
They're currently having a competition on building rockets using 3D printers... to print the rockets!

This is somewhat basic stuff, but still... a starship has to get into space somehow :D And rockets can be studied using CFD, so... have fun! :)

Best regards,

Far May 4, 2013 05:57


Originally Posted by jimlaws (Post 399475)
Some day you will know the truth that Moon is already colonized way back in 50s and NASA, DARPA are there for the cover. Don't believe me then try searching satellite pictures of Far side of Moon and its analysis.

Are you talking about me : :eek: Far:p

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