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ThePie December 4, 2012 15:52

Would you do this training course?
Do you think that they are charging a reasonable price for their course?

The course is titled "Introductory Training on ANSYS DesignModeler, ANSYS Meshing and ANSYS Fluent". It's a 5 day course and they charge Rs 7000 + taxes for each day!!! Rs(INR) 7000 is equal to USD 128. But how much an Indian would feels is, USD 128*2.5 = $320 (after adjusting Purchasing Power Parity of the Indian Rupees).

You can see what the course has to offer on the page in the link. Do you think it's a total worth for money program? What would be your decision if you were planning to do a training course on CFD?

Thanks a lot!

diamondx December 4, 2012 16:59

download the training material, join the ANSYS MESHING AND GEOMETRY section, and start practicing and helping people... i'm sure you will learn a lot...

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