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diamondx January 10, 2013 18:35

Distribution list import from excel to outlook
Dear friends,
I have a list of e-mails in excel, around 450 e-mails.
I followed this easy tutorial, it works good :
I want to create a list of distribution. i have tried with 2 contacts, it works.

I was wondering if that can work with hundreds of e-mails. i can try it now as i don't have the final excel version (my professor has it)

wyldckat January 10, 2013 18:57

Greetings Ali,

Well, it should work... assuming Outlook won't crash with 450 contacts in a single line for a single email...

It basically tells you to:
  1. Copy only the lines of emails addresses from Excel;
  2. Paste without special HTML tags, i.e. just as text;
  3. Search and replace the beginning of each paragraph with a semicolon ";".
  4. Copy-paste the resulting semicolon separated list into Outlook's desired section, which I suggest BCC (Blind Carbon Copy), unless of course you're seeking to be sued by one or more of the people on the list.

The optimal solution would be to create an address book in Outlook, then associate a distribution list to all of those contacts. The following looks rather detailed, although somewhat old:

Have fun!

diamondx January 11, 2013 11:51

i've tried it yesterday, the copy paste works. But i could not save the list as it was saying that they were too many contact. i just splitted the 440 contact into 4 list of 110 contact each. let's just hope it can send that without considering it as a spam... thanks for your link tough , apreciated

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