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mihaipruna January 28, 2013 14:34

Online CFD certificate from Iowa state, anyone done this?
I have taken a couple of graduate courses in CFD in the past and have about one year experience from the user's side, do you think this program would help me in any way? It's the only online CFD - focused degree that pops up on Google, and the cost is about $6000.

mgdenno March 7, 2013 17:52

I would be interested to know if anyone has done this as well. I am just finishing up the open class at Boston University (ME702) on my own, and am wondering "now what?" This certificate program is interesting. Thanks for sharing!

lramutti December 4, 2014 18:21

I have graduated from Iowa State and I have focused my Masters in CFD. From my experience I can tell you that you will be interacting with very well known instructors in the field.

Homework will be very demanding and you will certainly develop great programming and numerical skills. For the ones interested in learning more about CFD but do not have the money for tuition and fees I highly recommend watching Prof. Lorena Barba's online courses from Boston University on Youtube.

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