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immortality April 17, 2013 18:01

(not-CFD related) unable to boot Ubuntu and Windows
i deleted some files due to loss of memory and after restarting an error about loosing a neogrub.mfr was shown.
Since i had burned a super grub 2 disc entered to ubuntu (11.10) and typed some commands that was at a site to correct it.but now windows's(xp64 and 7) didn't loaded so i used recovery in windows cd.
And after that three boot line are appeared but now i can't enter linux.
One pointer is shown with this message:grub rescue>
And doesn't recognize commands i type.
What should i do?what commands have to put there?

wyldckat April 17, 2013 18:23

Is the DVD or CD inside the drive when you get that "grub rescue" prompt?

immortality April 18, 2013 05:58

no.after displaying the list of OS's I select linux and this command prompt is shown.

wyldckat April 18, 2013 17:13

Do you still have the Ubuntu 11.10 Live CD/DVD? Or and older version, perhaps 11.04?
If you do, then it's preferable to now use this live CD/DVD to help you recover the grub booting mechanism:
Caution: read the instructions 2 or 3 times, before trying to follow them!

immortality April 19, 2013 01:38

yes.i have still 11.10
Thanks.but i had loaded ubuntu by superGrub2 i'd burnt before your post recieved.but now windows's are lost.does the way has been mentioned in the page resolve this issue?

wyldckat April 19, 2013 06:23

I believe it should work.

immortality April 19, 2013 08:58

hi.I did its commands in terminal method.but grub boot didn't appeared and I only have ubuntu.this is a better situation than first that i can't access ubuntu but now it has been reversed and i have no access to windows and afraid if use windows 7 or xp cd i can't access to ubuntu.
can't see and edit GRUB list of boot OS's?

wyldckat April 19, 2013 16:23

Hi Ehsan,

I'm either getting old or I'm too tired from the long week... it took me about 10 minutes to find this tutorial:
I think it's one of the best to explain what you should do to restore access to your Windows installations.

Best regards,

immortality April 19, 2013 17:03

thank you,one nice person in here told me some people have a better way to search that seems better chance(also maybe the results are different in different areas and .com .fr etc,that friend told),I see he was totally right.;)
I have get a huge number of instructions and have tested a lot of code without any result.
I'll test it tomorrow.
could you tell me which expression you searched?

wyldckat April 19, 2013 17:15

I Googled:

boot windows from grub
It was the third link on the results list that I got.
Nonetheless, I had the advantage of knowing what I was looking for... but it took me longer than I was expecting :(

PS: I've moved this thread from the OpenFOAM Installation sub-forum, to the Lounge sub-forum. It's the only one that fits the profile... :rolleyes:

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