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samuel.peck June 15, 2013 16:17

where is CFD used/job prep
I am actually still only signed up for a CFD class, but as far as I can tell, I would love to do CFD analysis, and I almost know I want to work in fluid mechanics.
I have a professor who did analysis for NASA, and he was the one who they sent a lot of stuff too when they didn't know why it wasn't behaving as predicted. I would love a job something like that someday, (and do plan to go to grad school for another mechanical engineering degree.)
that said, I have two questions:
Where is CFD used? (esp. if paragraph above makes it sound like I would like to work there.)
What makes engineers employable in for CFD related jobs?

RameshK August 26, 2013 23:49

Look at CFD = Computatinal + Fluid Dynamics, so where ever in this nature and what ever fluid you have if it is in dynamic in nature and want to study, you can utilize this tool CFD to get the feel of the dynamics.

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