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Mojtaba.a September 3, 2013 08:12

Making a Team to win Solar Energy Prediction Contest
All Dear Experts,

Recently I was surfing the web to find a job and suddenly encountered a website which was quite interesting.

There was a great idea going on.

This website invites groups as teams in order to solve a common problem in statistics, engineering and other fields.

It got more interesting when an issue related to our work was presented there.

Here is the topic of that issue:
"Forecast daily solar energy with an ensemble of weather models"

And this is the homepage of this topic:

And here is the motivation:

"Renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, offer many environmental advantages over fossil fuels for electricity generation, but the energy produced by them fluctuates with changing weather conditions. Electric utility companies need accurate forecasts of energy production in order to have the right balance of renewable and fossil fuels available. Errors in the forecast could lead to large expenses for the utility from excess fuel consumption or emergency purchases of electricity from neighboring utilities. Power forecasts typically are derived from numerical weather prediction models, but statistical and machine learning techniques are increasingly being used in conjunction with the numerical models to produce more accurate forecasts."

Well now If we can make a team, which is able to solve both statistical and numerical problems, we are way ahead of other participants.

Of course first place prize is not too much to make a team for, But I think it is worth to win the contest for the first time.
Prize is 500$, maybe 50$ for each person :D.

If anybody is interested just inform me in this thread and lets talk about it ;)


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