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immortality December 12, 2013 09:39

how to have less characters in Ubuntu password?
Ubuntu doesn't accept short passwords,but the pass is requested for very works that makes it boring to type a long password again and again.
what's the solution? it seems a smaller pass is better than not having a pass at all.
how can have smaller pass or maybe delete it totally if needed?

wyldckat December 15, 2013 11:03

Hi Ehsan,

The smaller the password, the more likely you'll have another computer-related bad time once again in the near future.

Please be more specific: in which situations is it asking you repeatedly for a password?
Possibly the problem is more related to the way you're using Ubuntu, than it is the length of the password.

Best regards,

immortality December 15, 2013 11:38

Hi Bruno,
I use it commonly,when it becomes on and want to install things or want to use sudo,
in 11.10 I had used only 3 characters but in 12.04 it doesn't accept small passwords.have they changed this?

wyldckat December 15, 2013 12:21

  • If you need to use sudo, always use the same terminal window. It will allow you to use sudo for at least 15 minutes, without asking for the password again.
  • Logging in can be done automatically for you, if you are the only user.
  • The screen saver can be configured to not lock the screen with a password.

I'm starting to see how you so easily broke the file system and lost files several weeks ago, without even registering in your mind what happened. With a 3 character password, it was too easy for you to run a command with super-user powers, simply because it didn't work with normal user powers.
It didn't give you enough time to properly think about what you were going to do and if it was going to be safe or not. Result: in less than a second, all went down the drain :(
And now you seem to be unconsciously planning to lay the same trap for yourself again...

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