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BedroomBully April 2, 2014 05:52

Requesting advices regarding online data storage
Hey, Iíd like an advice about outside-computer data storage options. Iím a student and I want to have access to all my files on my laptop and on a computer at home. I thought about buying an external hard drive, but maybe itís not such a good idea? (What if I need access to some files and I donít have the drive with me?) I heard about cloud storage, but Iím completely green? Iíve heard about google drive, but donít they have access to all your stuff? I googled ComZetta, have you heard about it? Or maybe an external hard drive is not such a bad idea after all? Thanks for all your answers. Cheers

tb_cfd April 3, 2014 09:40


try out dropbox. It depends how much space for storage you need. Up to 2GB you dont have to pay any fees and it is accessible on every PC via internet. So it is possible to get your files on the PC's at the university too.
Best wishes.

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