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aditya92in January 12, 2019 18:31

Advice Needed

A colleague of mine who does compressible flow simulations in ANSYS for a company is having troubles at his workplace. He tells me that he reports to someone who has basically lost interest in flow simulations and CFD/Physics. His discussions mostly are non-technical. He would like the discussion to be more physics oriented and technical. He had asked me for tips. Any advice on how to proceed ?

Thank you

LuckyTran January 29, 2019 10:20

Work for a different company? I mean this is a very typical situation. You have to understand and accept that other person's wants and needs are different from your own.

Let's suppose you friend is an English-to-Chinese interpreter/translator and the customer is Chinese and likes to speak Chinese and doesn't like to speak. They've hired your friend to do their English. Now your friend wants the Chinese customer to speak English just because they want discussions to have more English. Well if that's what the customer wanted, why did they hire your friend in the first place?

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