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BenGher August 24, 2019 06:01

CFD in video games
Hi everyone,

While sipping on the needed morning coffee, I started to wonder about CFD implementation in video games.

Since games are live simulations, usually running on something smaller that fits in your living room, simplifications have to be made, but I was wondering if you have any informations or concrete examples about those.

I started to wonder about this while playing sim racing games and trying to get the slipstream. But of course it applies to every game out there up to a certain point, flight simulators being maybe the most advanced?

If you have any informations about this, to have some directions to go before I start diving into the subject, I would be glad!


zx-81 September 9, 2019 15:40

Physically based modelling is a big trend in Computer Graphics/Animation.

In particular the fluid simulation solvers used for cinematic special effects are quite physically accurate an computationally efficient, e.g.:

After all, the human eye is a very good instrument to detect any "un-naturalness" in fluid flow;).

As a starting point you may look at, e.g.:

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