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Hendrik May 21, 2009 12:58

Recommendations for the Golden State
Hi folks!

together with my kids (teenagers) I'm going for a tour in California. Where to go, besides the usual suspects like Disney, Universal or Seaworld? For example there is a tour at/to Mount Wilson Observatory. More of those nice (technological) musea? At Stanford? Berkeley? Palo Alto (Parc)? Fluid dynamics, physics or engineering related? One idea was to take surf courses.... physics and exercise combined!

Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

yoyomatang November 19, 2010 15:29

probably already went on the trip!
Might be a little late for this suggestion, but I would take them to a SF Giants game. Nothing more American that a baseball game, and that park is amazing. If you like physics, you have to appreciate baseball.

Although you probably already went on the vacation based on your post! Hope it went well.


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