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gocarts June 10, 2009 16:21

Phillips Hydraulic Computer
I came across the Phillips Economics (Hydraulic) Computer on a recent visit to the British Science Museum. It's a fluid computer that simulates the economy dating back to 1949.

How cool is that? - a fluid performing a computation.

Just image if there'd been a delay in the development of digital computers - we might all have ended up simulating electronics using fluids.

For more try the background story at Wikipedia and a live action video thanks to Cambridge Uni.

vishyaroon June 15, 2009 15:28

Nice post Richard.

Your post came at a very good time for me. I was looking for some interesting applications of the fluid mechanics principles (just out of curiosity) and was looking for studies where the fluid mechanics principles are being used in traffic engineering.

The wikipedia article on MONIAC is interesting. Thank you

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