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dsmith January 6, 2010 03:34

cfd postgrad
Hi there,

Can anyone recommend somewhere decent to do some CFD postgrad? I have recently just completed a BE(hons) in chemical and process engineering and want to further my CFD knowledge as I really enjoyed my final year research project and cfd/fluids courses. I'd prefer to do a masters as I don't know if I'm committed to a PhD. Also what are the job prospects like for someone with a postgrad degree in cfd? I'm rather unfortunate to be graduating now...


TJLangley January 6, 2010 19:23

I would recommend the University of Minnesota. They have an outstanding faculty and are involved in many cutting edge CFD projects in both the graduate and doctoral levels of study.

CFDtoy January 18, 2010 15:47

What is the field of work you interested in? Place of work varies with your research interest



Originally Posted by TJLangley (Post 241688)
I would recommend the University of Minnesota. They have an outstanding faculty and are involved in many cutting edge CFD projects in both the graduate and doctoral levels of study.

PaS June 22, 2010 05:41

Sorry Dane if I'm going to use a little bit this topic but I'm looking for news too.
I'm graduating in Mechanical Engineering but I'm doing my thesys work in naval field and I'm really enjoying this naval CFD experience (simulating behavior of ships ecc...).
I'd like to ask the same as Dean did about courses and stage experiences in addition,too (in the U.S.,although I'm from Italy).

I did a little research on my own but nothing too detailed, so I'm asking for your help, guys.


CFDsurfer March 15, 2012 23:34

CFD Postgrade
Hi guys, im Mechanical Engineer, now im doing the master in CFD but i wish continue with the Phd in a UK university, in the web page recomend the Cranfield Univ. and Leeds Univ. both in UK, i going to living to UK the next year, and i want to know which university is better?? and why??


Adrian281 March 29, 2012 20:06

Hey man,
With regards to your question about CFD universities in the UK, I think I can be of help. I am currently a student in the MSc in CFD at Cranfield.
Courses are available at Imperial college London, Leeds, MAnchester and several others. Manchester is widely respected for its research into fluid dynmaics, and they have an MSc course called Theoretical and applied dynamics. While this and most other universities tend to focus on the theoretics and programming of codes, Cranfield has a mix of both programming and using commercial codes. Cranfield gears its CFD courses towards industry, with large F1 and aerospace companies recruiting heavily.
The course at Cranfield is quite tough, however I would recommend it. The problem is that the university is far from any big town, and is mainly full of Spanish, Italian and French students.

daveatstyacht April 2, 2012 09:53

University of Southampton offers MSc CFD courses in marine CFD, aerospace CFD and race car aerodynamics (CFD). I did the course in marine CFD and was quite satisfied with it and had a number of friends in the race car aero course who enjoyed theirs as well (they did the aero design and CFD for an entire race car as a group project). Best of luck with your studies.


janko-hrasko May 12, 2012 16:43

phd/experience from work
Hi everybody,

Nowadays I have a big decision coming so I would like to ask you (experienced CFD engineers) what is better for becoming an experienced CFD engineer? :D Is it better way to stay a little bit longer at university to obtain phd degree or as in many other areas its better to start working immediately after master degree? I am not so interested in creating own codes, but I would like to understand cfd little bit deeper.

thank you for your answers

CFDsurfer June 8, 2012 19:56

Recomendation Phd Postgrade
Hi friends, i need a recomendation from you, which do university is better in CFD in orden to do a Phd. MIT or Caltech? i know that MIT is the number one in Engineering Technology, but i need diferent points of view from you...

Thank you

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