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electrosin November 9, 2010 00:09

Is there any chemical engineer here?
I found many mechanical engineer here and many mechanical engineering stuff (I like it when they talk about engine).
But any of you is a chemical engineer...???:confused:
I just want to know how important CFD is in chemical engineering...

user_of_cfx May 31, 2011 17:38

I am a chemical engineer, and the answer is that fluid dynamics is important in many applications of chemical engineering, though mostly for the accurate prediction of mixing inside reactors, and the flow through pipes and pumps.

CFD is rarely used alone, most of the time it is used in reactor modelling combined with chemical reactions and/or heat generation and transfer. One very useful application for chemical engineers is multiphase modelling.

Most chemical engineers will either be doing physical experiments, or try to calculate concentrations, yields and fugacities using software like Matlab or Aspen, and few of us actually work with CFD only, and love it (when it works anyway) :)

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