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KanG June 2, 2011 10:15

Job Prospects after master's course
Hi guys,

I have just completed my bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Delhi, India and have decided to pursue a master's course in Fluid Mechanics. There were options for US universities but considering high academic fees in US, I have chosen the following course in France http://www.enseignement.polytechniqu...FFA-M2-UK.html

What kind of job opportunities(mention companies if possible) would exist for me after this course. I would specifically urge people in France to shed some light on the kind of opportunities for international students in France and the rest of the world. Others are equally invited :)

Please reply as this would decide whether I should go for master's studies or sit back and take up a non interesting "secure" job rightway.


PS- There were similar threads earlier but I could not find a concrete answer :(

Eren10 June 3, 2011 17:49

i think you can better choose only fluid mechanics if you like it and not because of job perspectives. if you would do very well you could get a job at airbus. but most of the engineers find jobs in other fields than hard engineering. fluid mechanics is used at a few companies.

TomK June 7, 2011 16:58

Being in the US I have only a little I can say about France. I work for a nuclear power company. We are always looking for engineers with a background in thermal hydraulics. Right now, the group I work in has 5 openings. If you have no problems with nuclear power, might I recommend that you check out AREVA, EdF, and CEA. I would guess that their websites, like ours, has a section for people looking for jobs.

One thing to note - I have heard from several French colleagues that your chance for advancement to a management position is dependent on which university you graduated from .


casey-mahoney August 22, 2011 14:53

I have been doing freelance work
I have been doing freelance work online.I have worked for Odesk and freelancer the past few months.It pays the bills.

Thanks Casey Mahoney

Caluca November 25, 2011 12:17

There are numerous job opportunities. It just depends on what you like and in what you want to specialise. If you want to do CFD relating jobs, then you can apply to practically every comany owning its own software package (e.g. Ansys in the US, CD-Adapco in the UK, COMSOL in Sweden, OpenCFD in the US, Numeca in Belgium).

There are also a lot of research institutes investigating nearly every topic in fluid mechanics (e.g. DLR in Germany, NLR in the Netherlands, Onera in France). These institutes own wind tunnels, so you could also get into experimental aerodynamics. Consider for example PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) a state of the art technique to visualise flows with camera's, lenses and lasers.

Also aircraft manufacturers (e.g. Boeing in the US, Airbus in Europe, Cessna in the US, Eurocopter in Europe) can provide possibilities in somewhat more applied aerodynamics. Mainly applying fluid mechanical knowledge to design either shapes or methods to reduce drag, shocks, detached flows etc.

Seriously there is too much!

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