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cfd novice July 13, 1999 05:58

Best CFD software
What is the best CFD software if money is no object?

yao.l.m July 13, 1999 06:54

Re: Best CFD software
up till now , almost NO best CFD software was born since it is 'export ' level and so the most important is to get a best CFD user .

John C. Chien July 13, 1999 08:57

Re: Best CFD software
(1). The best CFD software should at least produce the best solution. (2). The best solution should be reliable, accurate, and repeatable. This is the general requirement.

D.M. Lipinski July 13, 1999 09:35

Re: Best CFD software
It's really a good question. Which program is the best depends on the CFD problem you want to look at. There is a number of good CFD programs available. They perform more or less efficiently depending on the case. Just go to their vendors, give them a benchmark project and see what comes out of the program. To me, a general question "which CFD software is the best" does not make much sense. regards DML

John C. Chien July 13, 1999 13:42

Re: Best CFD software
(1). You are right. There is a deep trouble about the image of CFD. (2).Something is definitely missing. (3). If there exists a best CFD software, then there must be a best CFD engineer behind it. (4). If a user is not interested in the best CFD engineer, I guess, he is not going to get the best CFD software.(5). It is a story similar to a golden goose. (6). The only thing people have in mond is the golden egg. Without the golden goose, the golden egg is nothing but a museum item.

Eve Chapper August 2, 1999 07:24

Re: Best CFD software
One thing to look into is how user friendly the package is, Though if money is no object you will get a lot more advice and help than people like me in an academic institution.

with the packages i've heard about and used they're split into 3 sections

1-to build the geometry, 2-to model and specify conditions in a command file, 3-shows you what happens when you put 1 + 2 together.

The main problam I've had is that writing the command file is very complicated and the example in the book aren't always helpful.

I don't know if this is any help


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