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Vidya Raja October 9, 2005 17:07

Increasing resolution of mesh in GAMBIT
Hi, I've meshed a solid imported from ProE into Gambit. I want to increase the resolution of the mesh. Is there any way I can do it? Do I need to use sizing functions? If so, how do I use them and are there any specific criteria that I need to follow?

Thanks, Vidya

nidro October 10, 2005 03:11

Re: Increasing resolution of mesh in GAMBIT
you want probably refine unstructured mesh. If your solver doesn't allow it, you have to do it making use of sizing functions if want to use gambit. Do not want to discourage you, but you shout outfit with patience. The gambit behaves sometimes, upredictably. There is some kind of heurestics built in gambit, that keeps the user's mind always fresh. Anyway, if your domain is simple cube, you can afford some kind of play around with gambit.

good luck!

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