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Felix Tae October 10, 2005 01:29

KIVA Input
I appreciate if anyone could provide any advice on the following issue.

I am currently running two simulations on KIVA 3V R2.

1. Single 2 ATDC SOI, 8.8 mm3 fuel, 25% EGR, 600 bar injection pressure

2. Pilot 35 BTDC SOI, 1.8 mm3 of fuel, main 15 ATDC SOI, 15.7 mm3 fuel, 25% EGR, 1000 bar injection pressure

While I sucessfully did the first simulation, I could not find out how to do the second one. I specified 2 injections (numinj = 2) and changed the appropriate section in itape5 (adding ca1inj...), however, it gives the wrong results (very weak to no combustion at all). Anyone know what else I have to amend in itape5 or elsewhere in the programme for the later simulation?

By the way, how do I specify the injection pressure in the programme.



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